#NewBrexitFacts - Article 50


Original claim -

"My understanding is that (Article 50) is irrevocable." - Liz Truss MP said in 20/02/2017

New Fact - 

The Brexit process is reversible and the British people have the right to change their minds.

Lord Kerr, the author of Article 50 said "We are not required to withdraw just because Mrs May sent her letter."

"We can change our minds at any stage during this process."

 Original Claim - 

"We are going to leave the EU in March 2019." - Theresa May said in the House of Commons on 23/10/17

New Fact -

It is possible for the UK to request more time in the negotiations given the right circumstances.

In his speech, Lord Kerr said:

"If we were to need time for Parliament to consider a final deal, an Election, and/or to pass the legislation needed for a referendum giving the people the final say on this process, to check that the country, having seen the facts emerge during the negotiation process, still wanted to Leave, I do not see any of 27 democracies denying us the chance to consult the people."

 Read Lord Kerr's full speech here.