Brake: Boris’ support for Turkish EU accession shows Vote Leave stood on “a pack of lies”

On his visit to Ankara today, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson supported Turkish accession to the European Union, saying: “Britain will remain committed to helping Turkey's path towards accession, helping Turkey in any way possible.”

During the EU referendum campaign, the Vote Leave campaign he led claimed that if Britain remained in the EU, armed Turkish criminals would come to Britain, produced an advert showing an open door to Turkish immigrants, and argued that a million Turks would come to live in Britain within the next eight years.

Mr Johnson also called on the government to veto Turkish accession.

Commenting, Tom Brake MP, Patron of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“Boris Johnson’s cynicism and dishonesty knows no bounds.

“Just months ago the campaign he ran warned that if Britain remained in the EU, gangs of marauding Turkish criminals would come here. But now he announces that he will support Turkey’s accession to the EU.

“If anything exposes the pack of lies that made up the manifesto of the Leave campaign, it is this.”