Chuka Umunna responds to Theresa May’s comments on Vote Leave promises

Theresa May has poured cold water on promises made by the Vote Leave campaign during the EU referendum, including those made by her cabinet colleagues.

In comments to the media at the G20 summit in China, the Prime Minister refused to confirm that the government will spend money saved from Britain’s contribution to the EU budget on the NHS, that it will scrap VAT on fuel bills, or that an Australian-style points based immigration system will be introduced.

She also left open the possibility that the UK will continue to pay into the EU budget after Brexit – in direct contrast to the Vote Leave campaign.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“Boris Johnson and his Vote Leave colleagues spent the whole referendum campaign making impossible promises they knew they couldn’t keep. It’s now clear that very few of their pledges were worth the paper they were written on.

“Theresa May cannot be let off the hook either. After barely campaigning for Remain, our unelected Prime Minister now contemptuously dismisses policies like increasing spending on the NHS which people voted on in good faith and great numbers.

“Instead of parroting ‘Brexit means Brexit’ the Prime Minister should set out in detail her vision for Britain outside the EU and how she will retain as many of the benefits of our membership whilst accepting the will of the people. Waiting 50 days into her premiership to 'brainstorm' with her cabinet on all this is simply not good enough."