Cross-party MPs call on government to honour Vote Leave’s primary schools promise

MPs from across the political spectrum have today come together to call on the government to honour a promise made by the Vote Leave campaign to create 100,000 new primary school places with money saved from Britain’s contribution to the EU budget.

During the EU referendum campaign, Vote Leave promised to spend £460m on the policy, which was fronted by International Development Secretary Priti Patel.

MPs from three parties – Labour’s Chuka Umunna, Norman Lamb from the Liberal Democrats and Neil Carmichael from the Conservatives – have come together to call on the government to “show us the money” and commit to the policy.

Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“Months after the Brexit vote, it’s time the government shows us the money. Theresa May seems to be swallowing the Vote Leave agenda lock, stock and barrel, so why not do the same on this small pledge to parents, kids and teachers?

“If they don’t, Priti Patel and other Vote Leave ministers need to explain why they made a promise they knew to be undeliverable.”

Norman Lamb MP, Patron of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“Vote Leave spent the money from our contribution to the EU budget many times over – on schools, the NHS, tax cuts and more. The British people justifiably took these promises at face value when they voted in the referendum. Now, we need answers on why nothing more has been heard of this primary school pledge, despite its author being a member of the cabinet.

“More than enough Vote Leave promises have been broken since the referendum – now Vote Leave ministers in government need to confirm if they intend to keep this one.”

Neil Carmichael MP, Chair of the House of Commons Education Select Committee, said:

“Our primary schools need all the extra places they can get, and I am sure parents the length and breadth of Britain found Brexit attractive as they thought it would mean more school places for their children. I hope they are not disappointed.”



  1. The original Vote Leave press release is here: