£350 million NHS pledge broken

Today, the Chancellor of the Exchequer failed to honour the promise of his Vote Leave colleagues, and commit to spend £350 million more a week on our National Health Service once Britain leaves the EU.

This was a kick in the teeth for the thousands of people who signed our #ShowUsTheMoney petition, and the millions who voted in the EU referendum in the belief that Brexit would cause a funding increase for our NHS.

However, we will keep on fighting for the Leavers in Government to deliver this promise, and give our NHS the cash boost it so desperately needs. And if they don’t we will be focusing on holding them to account for their broken promises.

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Show Us The Money


Vote Leave promised British people that they would spend £350 million more a week on our NHS. Now, leavers like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and Andrea Leadsom are in government – but we haven’t heard anything about more spending for the NHS.

Indeed, the NHS seems to be facing a future of cuts and financial squeezes. We need to work to get the Leavers to keep their promise to the British people.

On Wednesday 23rd November, the Chancellor will stand up to give the Autumn Statement, where he will outline the government’s spending priorities. We are campaigning for him to use this opportunity to honour the promise made by his cabinet colleagues, and commit to spend the £350 million on our NHS.

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Protect Workers’ Rights

Being part of the European Union has protected working people in Britain for decades. EU laws have delivered stronger rules on equal pay for women; protection against discrimination in the workplace; equal treatment for agency workers; and much more.

But now we are leaving the EU, and these rights are under threat. The government has promised a ‘Great Repeal Bill’, which will transfer all EU law into UK law. However, this Act will not cover important Employment Rights decisions from the European Court of Justice such as the right to continue getting holiday leave whilst someone is ill. Furthermore, any Repeal Act can be amended by future Conservative Governments, the same Conservatives who introduced Employment Tribunal Fees, reduced redundancy consultation rights and increased the time period for people to qualify for protection against unfair dismissal.

Whilst we welcome Theresa May’s words to protect important workers’ rights, if she is serious, we believe that she should commit these words into law by protecting all current employment legislation as part of Brexit negotiations. To do this, we have to make clear to the government how much people value the rights we get from Europe, and show them that we won’t put up with her government repealing a single one of them.

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Leave Campaigners Try To Drop Promises

The Leave campaigners are trying to drop their false promises made during the referendum campaign, but they should be held accountable.

Below is a full list of promises they made. As the debate about the UK’s future relationship with the EU proceeds, remind them of these whenever you can.

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Stand Up For EU Citizens

During the EU referendum, Vote Leave repeatedly promised that Brexit would see no change for citizens of EU countries already living in Britain. Boris Johnson even said: “There will be no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident in the UK. These EU citizens will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK and will be treated no less favourably than they are at present.”

But since the referendum, the government have shamefully failed to keep this promise. They won’t guarantee that EU citizens – our friends, neighbours, partners and workmates – will be allowed to stay in Britain and enjoy equal treatment to UK citizens.

It’s just wrong. This is about peoples’ human rights. Human beings are not bargaining chips in some negotiating game – they are people.

That’s why we are campaigning for the government to keep their promises and commit to allowing EU citizens already here to remain resident in the UK – unconditionally. 

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Vote Leave Watch Launched

Vote Leave Watch launched in July 2016 to hold Vote Leave campaigners in the referendum to account.

They went round the country promising people the earth – £350 million more a week for the NHS, scrapping VAT on fuel bills, matching all EU spending, giving extra cash to primary schools, and much more. 

And they promised that all the warnings made by economic experts of the consequences of Brexit were “scaremongering” or “Project Fear”.

We will hold them to account for these promises. Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davis, Andrea Leadsom, Priti Patel and Chris Grayling are all in the cabinet now. They actually have the power to put these promises into action – and it is they who are responsible if these promises are broken.

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