Migration Watch’s proposals are wrong, says Vote Leave Watch

Commenting on a Migration Watch report calling for immigration from the EU for workers to be cut to an annual quota of 30,000, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

"The referendum vote revealed serious public concerns about immigration, and it is important that politicians act to meet those concerns. Free movement in the EU as we know it was rejected in the referendum, so we should seek to change it and work towards an alternative that would be acceptable to the majority of our citizens.

“The problem with Migration Watch's proposals is that they may leave British business short of the workers they need and, for those who do come here, Migration Watch has little to say on how we improve our systems to better integrate newcomers into local communities.

"Despite the Brexit vote, Britain must continue to be an open country that welcomes talent from Europe and across the world. Turning our backs on that history of openness would leave us all poorer."