Murray – Government’s hard Brexit strategy is dividing the Union

Commenting on Theresa May’s visit to Scotland today, Ian Murray MP, supporter of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“It is risible for Theresa May she wants the UK to be ‘more united’ when she, her party and her Government have done so much to divide it.

“The Prime Minister says she will not allow the UK to become looser or weaker; yet she herself has helped loosen and weaken it. If we emerge stronger and more unified from the Brexit process it will be no thanks to her and the Tory Brexit fanatics whose every wish and whim she harbours.

“The Tories have fomented anger and resentment by imposing austerity on vulnerable communities. They have sown discord with a cynical and divisive general election campaign. And they have stoked up SNP grievance with English voters for English laws. They are every bit as responsible as the SNP for where we now find ourselves: on the brink of a hard Brexit with the future of the UK once again at risk. The Tories bet the farm on the EU referendum and lost. Now Scotland is caught between two nationalisms that seek to divide our country.

“Meanwhile, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, is desperately trying to engineer another independence referendum that people do not want and did not vote for, and from which – as her own economic adviser has admitted – it would take at least ten years to recover from.

“Neither the Tories nor the SNP are standing up for what a majority of Scots did note for: a strong Scotland in a stable UK with a close relationship with Europe.

“After the rancour of the EU referendum campaign, all in leadership position should not be about division but about speaking to and for our nation. That is why we have set out six tests for Brexit – tests that, if met, will protect people in every corner of the UK – and why Kezia Dugdale, Scottish Labour leader, has written to the Prime Minister to outline the best Brexit deal for Scotland ahead of Article 50 being triggered. We want a deal that allows us to retain what is best about our relationship with the EU – including continued free access to the Single Market – while remaining an integral part of the UK.”