Umunna – Government’s refusal to commit to £350 million promise is a betrayal of voters

Commenting on the Autumn Statement, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“Vote Leave campaigners promised a Brexit vote would herald a new dawn for our economy. But we have been told by the independent OBR that it will bring lower growth, increased unemployment, lower wages and a flight of investment, harming jobs and wages.

“So what they called Project Fear appears to be turning into Project Fact, and the hardworking people of this country will pay the price.

“To add insult to injury, the Government today had the opportunity to spell out how they will make real the pledge – made by Cabinet ministers like Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and others – to spend £350 million more a week on our NHS; but there was no sign whatsoever of that cash in this Autumn Statement. 

“If Brexit really does mean Brexit, it must mean a windfall for the NHS – people will not allow Leave campaigners in government to walk away from this.”