Umunna – May should keep the Leave campaign’s promise and protect our economy during Brexit

Commenting on Theresa May’s speech today, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

"If Brexit means anything, it means continuing to trade on current terms with the EU, and doing nothing that will cost jobs and growth - for that is what Leave campaigners promised.

"Now the Prime Minister is giving up Single Market membership before negotiations have even begun, and has not ruled out the nightmare scenario of no deal being done, which would mean Britain falling on to WTO rules in our trade with the EU. This would increase tariffs, cut jobs, and lead to higher inflation.

"The Prime Minister rightly committed to protecting and enhancing workers' rights. But her own Chancellor is raising the spectre of cutting taxes, junking workers' rights and helping the top 1 per cent in an attempt to undercut the EU after Brexit. This would be no future for working people, and it should be resisted.

"We need a Brexit that does what the Leave campaign promised – keeping Britain in the European Single Market and protecting our economy, while delivering reforms to immigration that the voters want."