Umunna – May will be responsible for consequences of hard Brexit

Commenting on the triggering of Article 50 today, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

"The Prime Minister is right that we need to unify and come together, but she and her party have form when it comes to dividing Britain. She was the Home Secretary who sent "go home" vans around urban Britain, she leads a party that set England against Scotland at the 2015 General Election, she aided and abetted a disgracefully Islamophobic Tory London Mayoral campaign in 2016, and she sought to falsely suggest 16 million Remain voters were some liberal elite at the Tory party conference. So she must now practice what she preaches and speak for the entire nation - instead of dancing to the tune of the extreme Brexiteers who have hijacked her party - in these Brexit negotiations.

"Her party promised unconditionally at the last election that Britain would stay in the Single Market, which supports millions of jobs across Britain. No alternative trading model would give us the same benefits as Single Market membership, and leaving will make working families worse off. We must hold her to account for this promise, and make clear that the economic damage caused by pulling out of the Single Market will be her responsibility."