Umunna – Philip Dunne’s comments show that Leave campaigners “cruelly deceived” the British public

The government may not deliver Vote Leave’s promise to spend an extra £350 million a week on the NHS, a Health Minister has said.

Speaking to PoliticsHome, Philip Dunne said “we’ll have to see what happens”, and admitted that “circumstances might change”.

This is despite the fact that cabinet ministers including Chris Grayling, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and Andrea Leadsom all promised that leaving the EU would mean a £350 million a week cash injection for the NHS.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“Millions of people went into polling stations 100 days ago thinking that by voting to leave the EU, they would be injecting an extra £350 million a week into the NHS. Philip Dunne’s comments show just how cruelly deceived they were.

“The truth is that Leave campaigners plucked an imaginary figure from the air and went around the country misleading the British public.

“Boris Johnson and his other Vote Leave friends in government are responsible for this. They must use their newfound positions to deliver on this promise – or take the blame for running a dishonest campaign which further undermined trust in British politics.”