Umunna – Pro-Leave MPs must back £350m for the NHS amendment

MPs will today debate an amendment to the Article 50 Bill that will force the Government to look into whether it can spend £350 million more a week on the NHS as Vote Leave promised.

The Deputy Speaker has today chosen New Clause 11 of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill to be debated this afternoon, among a number of other amendments dealing with impact assessments.

The amendment, if passed, would require the Prime Minister to prepare and publish a report on the effect of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the EU on national finances, including the impact on health spending, before she could trigger Article 50 to begin the Brexit process.

The amendment was tabled by Chuka Umunna MP, the Chair of Vote Leave Watch, and is supported by MPs from Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party. It is expected to be debated in the House of Commons from 5pm today.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“I’m glad our amendment has been selected for debate in the House, and I would urge MPs from all parties to get behind it and give our NHS the £350 million extra a week that Vote Leave promised – especially those who were part of the Vote Leave campaign.

“Leave campaigners made an explicit promise, and it will be a gross betrayal of voters, patients and NHS staff if they do not deliver.

“They should vote for our amendment and deliver clarity over the pledge they drove around promoting in a big red bus throughout the referendum campaign.”