Umunna – Sadiq Khan is right, London is better off in the Single Market

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has today said that the UK should remain a member of the Single Market after Brexit.

It follows a Vote Leave Watch pamphlet, Stop Hard Brexit: Why London needs the Single Market, released in May, which argued that Single Market membership was vital for London’s economy.

Commenting, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“I couldn't agree more with what Sadiq said today. London and the whole of Britain depend on free trade with our European neighbours, and if we leave the Single Market that trade will be hit and our economy damaged.

“The Single Market isn't just about the economic benefits - it enshrines laws that protect workers, consumers, and our natural environment.

“Leaving the Single Market and throwing these protections away will leave working people worse off. We must not give the Tories a blank cheque for an extreme and chaotic Brexit.”



Notes to editors:

Sadiq Khan’s comments are reported here:

Vote Leave Watch’s pamphlet on the importance of Single Market membership for London’s economy, released in May and supported by 16 London Labour MPs, is here: