Umunna – Sturgeon’s speech shows Leave campaigners have no qualms about breaking up the UK

Commenting on Nicola Sturgeon’s speech this morning, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

"Michael Gove promised before the EU referendum that 'the union will be stronger' after Brexit. Nicola Sturgeon's speech today has shown that to be naive at best and profoundly misleading at worst.

"Leave campaigners claim the mantle of patriotism, but they clearly have no qualms about destroying the United Kingdom in order to fulfil their damaging obsession with leaving the EU.

"They were warned repeatedly that a vote to leave the EU would give the SNP the excuse for another referendum they have been looking for since losing in 2014, but they ignored those warnings.

"I hope with all my heart and soul that Scotland chooses a future within the United Kingdom. But if Brexit places the future of the UK in jeopardy, history will not forgive those responsible."


Notes to editors:

During the EU referendum campaign, Michael Gove said: “If we vote to leave then I think the Union will be stronger…  I think when we vote to leave it will be clear that having voted to leave one union the last thing people in Scotland wanted to do is to break up another.” Andrew Marr Show, 08 May 2016