Umunna: The government has nothing even approaching a plan for Brexit

Commenting on the Brexit cabinet summit at Chequers today, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

"It is now more than two months since the referendum was held, and many years since Vote Leave campaigners started dreaming about Brexit. Yet it is clear that the government has nothing even approaching a plan for how Britain can accomplish the huge task of leaving the EU.

"Any proposed Brexit deal will be measured against the promises of Leave campaigners in cabinet. There is no sign of the £350 million extra a week they said they would spend on the NHS, they will still not commit to give EU citizens already living in Britain the right to stay, and they refuse to preserve EU rules which protect workers' rights. The promises of Vote Leave ministers like Boris Johnson were clearly not worth the paper they were written on.

"It is vital for Britain's future that we remain open to doing business and working closely with our European partners. A progressive Brexit deal must preserve full access to European markets, full co-operation with the EU on security, and the ability to work together with Europe in fighting the scourge of climate change. For the government not to even address these issues is deeply worrying. It's clear that the Brexit ministers are in well over their heads."