Umunna - The Government is playing Russian roulette with people's jobs

Commenting on David Davis' appearance at the Brexit Select Committee today, where he said that the Government has not done any analysis on the economic impact of leaving the EU with no deal, Chuka Umunna MP, Chair of Vote Leave Watch, said:

“The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says the UK would be ‘perfectly okay’ exiting the EU without a deal, and yet the Brexit Secretary David Davis tells us he doesn’t know the economic cost.  

"All the evidence shows the best economic arrangement for the UK is to stay in the Single Market after we leave – an unconditional Tory manifesto commitment. 

"They are playing Russian roulette with people’s jobs and livelihoods by refusing even to try to keep us in the Single Market at the start of negotiations, and are flirting with leaving with no deal at all.  

"It is a flawed and incompetent negotiation strategy and it is the British people who will pay the price.”