Vote Leave Watch launched to hold EU Leave campaigners to account

New campaign, Vote Leave Watch, launches to hold EU Leave campaigners to account

  • New campaign, Vote Leave Watch, launches today to hold Leave campaigners to account for the promises they made during the EU referendum campaign.
  • Will show where they are backtracking on their promises, and where these promises are proven to have been untrue in the first place.
  • Campaign to be led by Chuka Umunna MP. Patrons of the organisation are Norman Lamb, Richard Reed, and June Sarpong.

On the founding of Vote Leave Watch, Chuka Umunna MP said:

“Vote Leave Watch will hold Leave campaigners like Boris, Michael Gove, Andrea Leadsom and Farage to account for the wild promises they made during the referendum campaign. We will scrutinise them, and call them out when their promises are broken or proven to have been impossible. Voters, whether they supported Leave or Remain, deserve nothing less.

“We can’t do this on our own. Vote Leave Watch will be a grassroots campaign – and we need your help to stop the Leave campaigners from getting away with it. Sign up on our website and join the Vote Leave Watch team today.”

On the Leave campaign’s broken promises, Chuka Umunna MP said:

“The British people, whether they voted Remain or Leave, were promised the earth by the Brexit campaigners during the EU referendum. They were told that leaving would not damage our economy; that it would free up £350 million a week to be spent on the NHS; that we could access the EU’s Single Market while restricting European immigration, and much more.

“Just two weeks after Britain voted to quit Europe, the Leave campaigners are already backtracking on these pledges. They think the referendum is ancient history, and that they can wriggle out of any responsibility for the clear failure of the vision they put forward during the campaign.

“They are wrong. The voters have a right to expect that the promises made to them are kept, and a right to know if they are being dropped or proven untrue.”

Richard Reed, Patron of Vote Leave Watch and co-founder of Innocent Drinks, said:

“It is vital for the health of democracy that people in public office are held accountable for the promises they make, even more so in something as important as the referendum on our EU membership.  Whether you voted In or Out, we all have a shared interest in making sure the commitments made by Vote Leave are adhered to.”




  1. See the Vote Leave Watch website here: Follow us on Twitter at @VoteLeaveWatch.
  2. Vote Leave Watch is a grassroots campaign that will expose the untruths told by Brexit campaigners in the EU referendum, and hold them to account for their promises.
  3. In fostering greater understanding and scrutiny of the reality of a Brexit, we hope to bridge the gap and build bridges between the 48% who voted to remain and the 52% who voted to leave.
  4. Its founder is Chuka Umunna MP, and its patrons are Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb, Innocent Drinks co-founder Richard Reed, and broadcaster and campaigner June Sarpong.
  5. Leave campaigners have already begun to backtrack on one of their core pledges – that leaving the EU would mean an extra £350m a week to spend on the NHS.
  6. Michael Gove has pledges just £100m extra for the NHS:
  7. Nigel Farage has called the £350m pledge “a mistake”:
  8. Chris Grayling said the £350m figure was an “aspiration”, rather than a promise:
  9. Iain Duncan Smith also backtracked on the figure:
  10. Leave campaigners labelled concerns regarding the negative impact of a Brexit on the economy as “Project Fear” when increasingly those concerns have turned into fact.
  11. Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has said the financial risks of Brexit “have begun to crystallise”, forcing the Bank to relax bank capital requirements rules:
  12. The pound has fallen to $1.30, its lowest level in 31 years, in the aftermath of Brexit:
  13. Pessimism among UK businesses has doubled since the referendum:
  14. Firms including Visa, easyJet and Vodafone are all considering moving jobs abroad as a result of Brexit: